How To Make Solar Cell Using CD Disk At Home

These days power has become a pivotal factor in our nation, so I found that the sun is all the energy that God gave us, and we should utilize it. 

Today I'm going to tell you the best way to make your own close planetary system by just utilizing CD, a copper link and two wires, wich is positive and a negative wire. 


1. CD-Flat
2. Copper cable
3. Red and Blue wires
4. Silicon glue
5. Sun


1: Take an old CD at home and wipe it completely with a CD cloth. 
2: Take the copper link and make it a crisscross around the CD(Remember to do this at the rear of the CD) at that point stick it with a silicon paste and stand by till it's dry. 
3: Take one blue wire and tie it on the link close to the opening of a CD, and take the other red wire and tie it on the copper link to make an ideal electric stream after your task it's finished. 

4: Go out for testing your little task and check whether it truly works. You can test it with anything that you need. The more the sub sparkles more brilliant, the more energy you get. 

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