Northerners Leaving Oyo State On Foot After Clash With Yorubas (Watch Video)

The circumstance of things in the country right now is getting everybody worked up. As it appears, the public authority is working energetically to guarantee that harmony returns in the said state. Albeit numerous moves are being made by the administrative and state government the nation over, their endeavors have anyway yielded no sure outcomes. Have you at any point run over Hausa men fleeing from a local area previously?. Here is a useful model for you to see and potentially learn. 
By and by, a video is causing a ripple effect via web-based media. This video shows some Hausa men leaving Oyo state by walking after conflicts with some Yoruba young people. These men were considered strolling to be quick as their legs could convey them as some Yoruba adolescents were seen making quips of them. 

This video has pulled in much consideration so far as numerous Nigerians are responding to it. . The larger part feels that this is surely off-base. They anyway approached pioneers to make some noise now. 

There are a couple of other people who think in an unexpected way. This class of individuals is of the view that this is terrible and ought to be denounced by all Nigerians.

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